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Issue Description

TCGs are revenue assurance solutions that replicate events on a telecommunications network to identify potential revenue leakage and to help achieve regulatory compliance. Both cellular and fixed-line telecom operators utilize test call generators to independently test their networks for CDR reconciliation and validate call start time/duration metering and telecommunications rating. TCGs are mission-critical tools utilized by telecom operator revenue assurance departments to improve revenue capture and to validate network integrity.

Our Solution

Network integrity
Test call generators are too often seen solely as an engineering tool to gauge the quality of network functions. Automated test call generators can also enhance revenue assurance by providing measures of completeness, accuracy, and timeliness.

Cellular and fixed line network testing Test call generators have the capability to test both GSM and fixed-line networks through utilising various hardware components. The components of a TCG system consists of both hardware and software, the key components are defined as:

  • Network hardware tester units - These can be either GSM units for 2G/3G/4G testing, and fixed-line units for analogue testing.
  • System software - Generally consists of the following software modules; System controller to manage the automated call execution process, CDR importer to import the corresponding Operator CDRs, Matching algorithm to match the operator CDRs and Rating module to independently rate the CDRs.

Revenue assurance via testing
While various processes make a contribution to Revenue Assurance, it is - service usage from the subscriber’s view that is receiving the most attention among Wireless Operators. Test Systems are available that emulate the subscriber’s service usage within the operational network, and check the corresponding billing records. These are completely automated and under the direct control of the groups who validate the billing process and measure the quality of service. Though these techniques are comparatively new to Operators, they are becoming a priority across the industry for completely understanding and managing Revenue Assurance and QoS.

TCG's are utilized by telecom operators to consolidate revenue assurance strategies. They provide automated testing by executing live calls on the operators network to identify potential network performance issues and revenue leakage. TCGs produce independent rated CDRs that are reconciled against the operators CDRs to validate CDR integrity and to ultimately uncover lost revenue. Some of the services that TCGs provide are:

  1. Real-time testing for multiple calls and data services e.g. voice, SMS, MMS, HTTP, mobile TV, video calling, content download (games, ringtones..)
  2. End to end call detail record reconciliation (from switch to billing)
  3. Verification testing of new tariffs
  4. CDR matching reconciliation
  5. Call rating validation of interconnect and retail billing
  6. Regulatory compliance testing (Ofcom/Sarbanes-Oxley)
  7. Network performance testing to validate new network components

Technical Highlights

XMASS Technical Benefits

  • 180° Testing coverage – Service Testing, Roaming, VAS Testing, Benchmarking, Radio, POLQA/ PESQ/MOS, Portal Testing, Content Validation, Device Compatibility, VIP Customer Care
  • Network independent (2G / 3G / 3G+ / LTE / LTE+ / DSL /  LAN / WiMAX / PSTN / ISDN)
  • Most comprehensive test case library (Call, SMS, MMS, Email, FTP,  HTTP, WAP, Portal Testing, DNS, Ping, Video/Audio Streaming, TCP/UDP,  VAS)
  • Complex Cross Service Testing capabilities (i.e. WAP Browsing + RTSP, HTTP +  SMS, Call + USSD, etc.)
  • Best Practice for Product based Testing – pre-launch phase or live (i.e. Video- or Music Portals)
  • Link Less Testing – Test probe communication over the air (2G/3G/4G automatic mode)
  • Stationary, Mobile and Drive testing capabilities
  • Network Radio Parameter Monitoring during standard tests carry out
  • Ad Hoc and field testing capabilities for fast problem verification
  • Handset profiling and inter-compatibility tests capabilities
  • Handset Profile Recorder for additional handset Profiles generation within few seconds
  • Blackberry Testing
  • SIM Array Sharing (One SIM Array for multiple Installations or many SIM Arrays connected to the same Installation)
  • Easy probe distribution using Plug and play mechanism
  • Remote test software update, even over the air
  • Easy probe units management and configuration over the air (SMS) and over LAN
  • Probe unit monitoring / alarming
  • Probe Unit Remote Access and Remote Login, even over the air
  • Multi-user web based application with comprehensive access rights management Personalized web-based access on management console
  • Plug-in based system (new modules can be added quick and easy)
  • Standalone rapid test scenario designer (XMASS RDS)
  • Layer 3 tracing capabilities (optional)
  • Built-in IP Tracer for depth analysis
  • Automatic HTTP and WAP test scenario creation using HTTP/WAP Recorder
  • Test Scenario exchange between different user und different platforms using standard XML format
  • Test results local storage capabilities on probes (backup)
  • Network, Provider, Technology and Band forcing

Economic Benefits

  • Enterprise QoS platform – one system to test all services from voice to products like music portal
  • Module based platform enabling step by step growth
  • Low-cost test probes – mass testing possible
  • One single system for different user groups like radio and network testers, service testers, portal testers and product testers
  • Future safe system – module based extension for new services or new network technologies Full featured web-based Reporting, Monitoring and Alarming System included
  • Low installation costs – plug and play distribution of test devices
  • Low support costs – unattended testing capabilities, remote access
  • Stationary-, mobile-, drive-, field and on device testing with one single system Customized test scenario creation capabilities – no additional costs for new test scenarios Automatic test scenario creation using XMASS
  • RSD and HTTP/WAP Recorder within few minutes
  • Create Once, use everywhere – export – Import capabilities between multiple system installations
  • Enterprise Integration with SAP and Business Objects platforms


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