Revenues need to be protected, since not only criminals, but also creative minds, increasingly try to find ways and methods to drain revenues.

Issue Description

The objective of the SIM Box operator is to bypass the international gateway switches in order to bring mobile traffic into a country and have it appear as domestically originated traffic. With this setup, SIM Box owners are able to compete with carriers in wholesale markets where the SIM Box owner’s cost is much lower, resulting in major revenue losses for the mobile carrier.

Our Solution

Simbox or Interconnect Bypass Fraud is one of the most prevalent frauds today, costing the industry some USD 3Billion per year. Calls made via the internet are sent to Sim boxes (machines that house SIM cards) which redirect this illegal VoIP traffic onto mobile networks. Fraudsters effectively bypass the interconnect toll charging points to exploit the difference between the high interconnect rates and the low retail price for on-network calls, thus avoiding payment of the official call termination fee of an Operator or MVNO.
There are two unavoidable reasons for the surge and persistence of this type of fraud. The first is the use of pre-paid SIM cards, which are most commonly used by fraudsters. The ownership and address of the pre-paid SIM cards are much harder to trace compared to the easily traceable postpaid SIMs. The problem is particularly serious in countries where the incoming international traffic rates are high and controls are lax in terms of availability of SIMs and law enforcement.
The second issue is the subscriber churn rate between Operators in the market. The telecommunications industry operates in a low customer loyalty environment. Fraudsters usually take advantage of cheap packages including bundled offers, which earn lower per-minute revenue to the operator than the interconnect rate they can earn from the international carriers. Due to this highly competitive market and the low customer loyalty phenomenon, the cost of all-inclusive bundles is driven down. And disposing of bundle offers and cheap packages is not an option.
Recently the approach of using broadband links has become more and more popular as Sim boxes are widely available and sold at prices ranging from $500 to $10,000. Estimating the size of this grey market can be difficult as it depends on a number of elements and varies from country to country.

With the help of our solution you can detect:

  • Calling Line Identity (CLI) is not delivered because the CLI of the SIM used in the SIM Box is delivered instead
  • High call volume for an A-number
  • Use of only one service (eg voice)
  • High proportion of on-net calls
  • No SIM movement
  • Unusual call diversity to B-numbers
  • IMEI swapping
  • Identification of hot cell site calling
  • Ratio of incoming versus outgoing calls

Technical Highlights


Economic Benefits

  • Identify potential "black sheep" SIM-Cards used in SIM-Boxes
  • Increase your revenue by blocking cheating SIM-Cards
  • Find potential local terminated calls from international numbers
  • Prevent roaming revenue loss


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Our Solution does not offer a sim box detecting service. only provides the Software Platform for evaluation of Fraudsters.


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