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Test indoors or in walking areas with our portable solution Xpack.

xpack logoThe most popular and widely spread communication devices in our time, are smartphones and tablets. Wireless communication is omnipresent nowadays and end-users are connected permanently with one another, regardless of their whereabouts. In locations such as airports, train stations, shopping malls, subways and walking zones, they have reached the highest ranking for wireless communication.

Professional and consistent testing in such areas are necessary for mobile operators, to guarantee end-user satisfaction. Testing in indoor or walking areas can only be done with a portable solution (Xpack).tablet xpack

The Xpack, holding a MicroPUX with 4 Test-Channels, enables testing in a very efficient way and delivers reliable results, regardless of the location. These test operations can be carried out by a non-technically skilled person. Xpack is supplied with a LiPo battery pack (optionally with 2) that enables testing for several hours and with 2 battery packs up to 24 hours. In the case of optimization for indoor locations and walking areas, the collected measurement data will be used to optimize the mobile operator’s network in a specified area and to perform different types of analysis (RF, network, service).


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