Almost everywhere there are wireless devices, network operators and telecommunication service providers face government-mandated requirements for quality of service (QoS), coverage and availability. Mobile network regulators are usually government agencies that work to independently verify that operators are delivering what they promise and that subscribers receive a baseline when it comes to quality and service.
In this role as third-party arbitrator, regulatory agencies need some of the same tools that operators use in order to:

  • Test, measure, and analyze mobile networks anywhere subscribers go
  • Measure, compare, and report QoS as it relates to different operators
  • Monitor quality and availability to verify whether an operator or service provider is in compliance with SLAs
  • Assess the network for optimum performance to ensure an operator can comply with emergency geolocation regulations and other required network coverage/quality requirements offers a comprehensive portfolio of network drive test, in-building wireless, benchmarking, optimization, reporting and analysis, and application monitoring solutions to help regulatory agencies address their specific challenges, regardless of geography or wireless technology.


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