Are you sure your customer billing is accurate?


Issue Description

Where can you start checking, to obtain the best results for revenue assurance? The network side, the rating side, the billing side, the interconnect side, or the CRM side? Is your customer billing accurate?

Revenue Assurance is probably the most important item in the list of things to be checked for their accuracy. An inaccurate billing has a direct impact on revenue and may either cause customer dissatisfaction due to over-chargings or revenue loss due to under-chargings.
However, the procedure of Revenue Assurance might be a complex one since there are many different sub-items to be considered.

There are questions to be answered:

  • Is the measured time and Call Duration accurate in the billing system?
  • Are the charged amounts billed correctly according to the used rating plans?
  • Is the customer receiving correct information, when querying his balance? (e.g. via USSD or SMS)
  • Are we over-charging or under-charing the customers?
  • Is billing system accurate according to the different time-zonings and peak/off-peak billing rules?
  • How accurate is the billing in the case of Roaming?
  • Is pre-paid / post-paid billing accurate?
  • How correct are billing and Call-by-Call deduction regarding special offers for Call, SMS, Data, High-speed Internet, etc.?
  • many more...

Our Solution

PIXIP.NET offers one of the most comprehensive RAS solutions available on the market.
Billing information and testing CDR is one of the common and important needs of telecommunication organisations like MNOs and Regulators.
Using the PIXIP.NET solution, existing and new tariffs can be easily tested and compared and verified at any time to ensure accurate customer charging.
XMASS, XOS and Xrate can be used in combination for Revenue Assurance.

Technical Highlights

XMASS Technical Benefits

  • 180° Testing coverage – Service Testing, Roaming, VAS Testing, Benchmarking, Radio, POLQA/ PESQ/MOS, Portal Testing, Content Validation, Device Compatibility, VIP Customer Care
  • Network independent (2G / 3G / 3G+ / LTE / LTE+ / DSL /  LAN / WiMAX / PSTN / ISDN)
  • Most comprehensive test case library (Call, SMS, MMS, Email, FTP,  HTTP, WAP, Portal Testing, DNS, Ping, Video/Audio Streaming, TCP/UDP,  VAS)
  • Complex Cross Service Testing capabilities (i.e. WAP Browsing + RTSP, HTTP +  SMS, Call + USSD, etc.)
  • Best Practice for Product based Testing – pre-launch phase or live (i.e. Video- or Music Portals)
  • Link Less Testing – Test probe communication over the air (2G/3G/4G automatic mode)
  • Stationary, Mobile and Drive testing capabilities
  • Network Radio Parameter Monitoring during standard tests carry out
  • Ad Hoc and field testing capabilities for fast problem verification
  • Handset profiling and inter-compatibility tests capabilities
  • Handset Profile Recorder for additional handset Profiles generation within few seconds
  • Blackberry Testing
  • SIM Array Sharing (One SIM Array for multiple Installations or many SIM Arrays connected to the same Installation)
  • Easy probe distribution using Plug and play mechanism
  • Remote test software update, even over the air
  • Easy probe units management and configuration over the air (SMS) and over LAN
  • Probe unit monitoring / alarming
  • Probe Unit Remote Access and Remote Login, even over the air
  • Multi-user web based application with comprehensive access rights management Personalized web-based access on management console
  • Plug-in based system (new modules can be added quick and easy)
  • Standalone rapid test scenario designer (XMASS RDS)
  • Layer 3 tracing capabilities (optional)
  • Built-in IP Tracer for depth analysis
  • Automatic HTTP and WAP test scenario creation using HTTP/WAP Recorder
  • Test Scenario exchange between different user und different platforms using standard XML format
  • Test results local storage capabilities on probes (backup)
  • Network, Provider, Technology and Band forcing

XOS Technical Benefits

  • Open Architecture
  • Near Real-Time continuous KPI/KQI Monitoring System
  • Powerful KPI/KQI Dash-boarding
  • Topological representation of Data
  • Infinite number of cascading KPI/KQIs
  • Powerful Drill-Down capabilities (e.g. KQIs -> KPIs -> Results -> Trace)
  • Diverse visualization types (Traffic light, Tables, Charts, Map, etc.)
  • Fully flexible Thresholding
  • Scriptable Thresholding logic
  • Highly flexible alarming logic (scriptable)
  • Diverse types of alarming like Email, SMS, SNMP, JMS, etc.
  • Diverse Data-Sources like Database, XML, SOAP, JMS, flat files, JMX, etc.
  • Fully flexible scheduling for Data Collection
  • Highly customizable User Interface
  • Users and Groups access right management
  • GIS & Map Integration

Xrate Technical Benefits

  • Open and extendible Architecture
  • Covering the whole chain of price calculation according to real Rating Plans
  • Flexible framework for mediation and rating (pricing) of usage
  • Highly flexible system to reproduce any complex type of rating plan
  • High-performance management of large numbers of events
  • Highly precise and accurate calculation
  • Rebuilding complex rating plans for Peak/Off-Peak hours
  • Covering Special Pack and Value-Add offers

Xanalyse Technical Benefits

  • Enterprise, world class BI and Reporting environment powered by SAP/BusinessObjects
  • Complex Data Analysis using ETL Tools, DWH and Reporting Environment
  • Enterprise DWH Solution
  • Standard (daily, weekly, monthly) and Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Automatic Report generation and Distribution (e.g. PDF via Email)
  • Drill-Down capabilities within Reports
  • Fully flexible, web-based Report Editing capabilities
  • Diverse Data Sources (Database, XML, Excel Files, Flat Files, etc.)
  • Built-in Dash-boarding Environment
  • Desktop Report Designer
  • Dedicated Server Hardware
  • Dedicated NAS/SAN Storage Solution providing data deduplication and data compression

Economic Benefits

  • Automate Revenue Assurance Tasks with minimum manpower
  • Prevent billing Issues
  • Avoid over- and under-chargings
  • Test balance queries from customer's perspective
  • Retain customers
  • Module based platform enabling step by step growth
  • Low-cost active test probes – making mass call generation possible
  • Future safe system – module based extension for new services or new network technologies
  • Full featured web-based Reporting, Monitoring and Alarming System included
  • Low installation costs – plug and play distribution of test devices
  • Low support costs – unattended testing capabilities, remote access
  • Stationary-, mobile-, drive-, field and on device call generation with one single system
  • Customized call generation scenario creation capabilities – no additional costs for new test scenarios
  • Automatic generation of browse scenarios using XMASS RSD and HTTP/WAP Recorder within few minutes
  • Create Once, use everywhere – export – Import capabilities between multiple system installations
  • Enterprise Integration with SAP/Business Objects Reporting platforms


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