The PIXIP.NET Sim-Server is a solution to provide our Probes SIM access via remote (SIM Multiplexing).


This solution brings you the needed flexibility to use ANY SIM in ANY probe at ANY time you like. You will be able to store up to 416 SIM-cards in each Sim-Server. The number of SIM-Servers is not limited. This way it is possible to manage thousands of SIM-Cards centrally. The SIM management is very user-friendly.


The SIM-Server holds SIM-Boards. Each Sim board can store up to 32 SIM-cards and is hot-pluggable. The SIM-Server is available in three different sizes with 32, 224 and 416 SIM-Cards in total.

Virtual SIM Technology is very often used in Roaming Test scenarios, where it is literally impossible to place physical SIM-Cards in test probes. Especially, when the number of Roaming SIM-Cards is limited and less than the number probes, which should use those SIM-Cards for Testing.

SIM-Multiplexing Technology allows you to place a SIM-Card in a certain Test-Probe just for a limited time and only during the Test. After the test is finished, the SIM-Cards can be "unmapped" and released to be used in other Test Probes.

XMASS provides full automation of SIM-Swapping procedure for every single Test. You can easily setup every single test scenario to use a dedicated SIM-Card.
This is very useful in case of Tests with different provisioned SIM-Cards as well as Post-Paid vs. Pre-Paid SIM-Cards.


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