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PIXIP.NET provides scalable telecommunication testing solutions for network operators (mobile and fixed line), content providers, carriers and regulators.
PIXIP.NET's solution makes it possible to test the performance of complex services to detect errors and issues quickly.

Our solutions and services are designed to give our customers
a complete insight on the quality of service from an end-user perspective

We offer the most comprehensive range of scalable active end-to-end testing solutions available on the market.

Our Solutions

  • Customer Experience Management

    How can you ensure and improve customer loyalty?

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  • IoT-QA


    There's no shortage of hype surrounding IoT data analytics and how it might benefit businesses, but organizations need to know if tools for analyzing data from the Internet of Things are right for them.

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  • Fully Managed Services


    Spend more time on your main business and less with administrating your network!

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  • Revenue Assurance

    Are you sure your customer billing is accurate?

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  • SIM-Box/Fraud Detection


    Revenues need to be protected, since not only criminals, but also creative minds, increasingly try to find ways and methods to drain revenues.

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  • End-to-End Active Testing

    What do you know about the level of Service-Quality from your customer's perspective?

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Our Products

  • XOS is a web-based, near Real-Time KPI monitoring system, capable of covering all aspects available in a global monitoring system from data collection through to alarming, including data analysis, troubleshooting, and ticketing. XOS covers a wide range of real-time monitoring requirements including SLA management features.

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  • Xanalyse is a combined product, which utilizes different technologies and tools to achieve its goals. It consists of state of the art Business Intelligence Technologies like a rock solid Data-WareHousing layer, a best in class ETL process design and automation tool and a groundbreaking enterprise Reporting environment, all powered by SAP/BusinessObjects┬«.

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  • xroam logo

    Test any service, anywhere, at any time! Today, one of the challenges is to search for new sources of revenue and to improve the existing ones. At the same time, there has been an immense pressure on mobile operators to offer their services with better conditions. This has resulted in a massive reduction in their revenue.

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  • xrate logo

    Xrate is a flexible framework for mediation and rating (pricing) of usage events in a telecommunications environment. It can be applied to any real-time or batch processing environment in which high-performance management of large numbers of events is required.

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  • xmass _logo

    XMASS is a world class Test system with a high grade of flexibility.
    There is a wide range of usage options due to its modern and flexible based architecture.

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  • Xsmart is a state of the art application in Network Speed Testing!
    It not only measures your 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network speed, but also it gives you a Map view about the best hotspots around you.

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Our Hardware

  • MiniPUX


    MiniPUX is the smallest PUX which simulates up to four subscribers with their handsets.

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  • SIM-Server


    The PIXIP.NET Sim-Server is a solution to provide our Probes SIM access via remote (SIM Multiplexing).

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  • PUX


    A PUX is a ready for plug'n play Multi-Channel from 2 up to 20 Channels, which simulates simultaneously two up to 20 subscribers with his handsets. 

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  • Xpack

    XPack5 7

    Test indoors or in walking areas with our portable solution Xpack.

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  • MicroPUX

    MicroPUXV 24

    A MicroPux is a plug'n play four Channel PUX which simulates up to four subscribers with their handsets.

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  • SIM-Farm

    mboard2 sx

    PIXIP.NET's hardware is one of the most flexible and reliable of its kind. There are many useful features, which enable the user to utilize the system in the way he needs it.

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